Mudassir Mandviwala TCE

Mudassir Mandviwala

Chief Executive Officer

Meet our CEO Mudassir Mandviwala, an academic oracle who has been working since the age of 14 on a software development company called Gallant App developers which was the first step to creating and dreaming, later on with his love for food Mudassir became a food blogger it operated under the name ‘BM Foodie’ and it  was a massive success in the year 2018. During all of the hustle he noticed a major gap between brands and influencers which motivated him to start his own company which initially started off as an influencer marketing agency but now has fulfilled in becoming a ROI driven MCN that works to help and bridge the gap between brands and influencers. According to him it has been a dream since childhood to work in his own company, He presents great communication skills and a burning desire to break the old systems of running a start-up. He uses wisdom, kindness, and intelligence to nurture and guide young minds in his company. In his free time, he is a passionate storyteller and a humble man who loves to eat, a cheerful and good-hearted person who is accomplishing his dreams one step at a time while building a longer table and not a higher fence.

Aaliya Mandviwala TCE

Aaliya Mandviwala

Chief Marketing Officer

Aaliya is our talented Chief Marketing officer who believes that it is important in today’s world to give a chance to the younger generation who have unlimited talent but come from underprivileged backgrounds. Her positivity and confidence radiates through the relationships she builds with the brands and companies. Aaliya says,”it is important to keep learning new things each day and that knowledge is a man’s best friend”. Aaliya sets the example to work hard for the dreams you want to achieve, when she is not cracking the new strategy for brands she is an animal lover and a mother of cats, who believes it is important to provide necessary care for them.

Arsalan Shaikh TCE

Arsalan Shaikh

Chief Administrative Officer

Arsalan is a humble person with a bright personality that helps our team uplift spirits with his latest meme knowledge, other than that he is a social media enthusiast that keeps track of the latest trends. He believes as a co-founder of the company it is his duty to co-operate with clients and brands along with maintaining a sense of calm, focus, and productivity for a longer time. It has been his belief that “If you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll experience success”. His personal strengths are website development and managing operations smoothly by collecting and organizing data. When he isn’t working you can find him traveling and exploring the nature of the city, also being quite the sportsman loves to play cricket and swim often!

Pranav Makwana TCE

Pranav Makwana

Chief Strategy Officer

Pranav is a computer genius who has the ability to analyze strategies as well as make quick decisions based on the situation at hand. He believes it is important for him to have a vision and work through a framework of time for clients and brands. Throughout his journey, he has succeeded in maintaining his personal integrity and delivering commitments with brands in order to build healthy relationships. Pranav is grateful to be a young entrepreneur and hold his own stakes while encouraging and becoming a role model for his family. In his free time, Pranav is an artist who sketches, plays the guitar with some great melodies, and also sculpts! Who could build more creative strategies than the creator himself?

Amreen Syed TCE

Amreen Syed

Influencer and Brands Head

Influencer Marketing Head- Our Influencer Marketing Head Amreen Syed is one of the most hardworking and determined at TCE; she possesses a deep passion for upgrading her skill sets and learning more as she grows as a person and a professional. She is often heard saying “I don’t believe in work, I believe in the quality and efficiency’’ She has the ability to dabble herself in more than one thing at a time, her passion to make TCE the world’s largest MCN which often shines through her actions at our company. She believes in determination and perseverance to fulfill the dream to become the boss of her own life. On days, when she is not working she takes rest by being a pro -pubg player and going on long drives with loved ones.

Raghvendra Lola TCE

Raghvendra Lola

Chief Information Officer

Raghav is the TECH enthusiast and CIO at our company who likes to go above and beyond to curate solutions for the brand and clients for delivering the utmost satisfaction. He truly believes that TCE has been a turning point in his life wherein he gets to live his dream as well be surrounded by a team that supports and motivates him to do better every day, He says that being a young entrepreneur comes with his own set of challenges it requires a lot of consistency and stability to truly achieve what you want from life. Raghav says that “it is better to have expertise with one thing rather than juggling several”, He advocates young minds to believe in themselves and to continuously work on their strengths, each day is a new fresh start. On days, when he is not developing the best automation, he is learning how to create a better one!


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